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Consignments & Tags

Tags will be delivered to you according to our sale policies. Tags will be delivered to you at your farm by a feeder calf sale representative who will ask to see the calves and/or the vaccines that will be or have been administered to the cattle. Once they have seen the cattle, tags will be given for the number of head you are consigning to the sale(s). Calves need to be tagged on the farm with an official Feeder Calf sale tag prior to the sales. Calves that are brought to the barn on sale day without tags may not be accepted for the sale.

Cattle are also required to be consigned for this year's sales. Consignments are done at the same time and on the same form as the tag requests. We recommend to consign your calves early as we will accept consignments on a first-in basis. We will post if or when a sale is full and not taking any more consignments.

There are multiple ways to request tags for this year's sale. Choose one of the following methods.

  • *Preferred Method* Click the blue box below to go to the online form to request tags.

  • Download the tag request form (gray box below) and e-mail the form to

  • Download the tag request form (gray box below) and fax to the number on the form

  • Download the tag request form (gray box below) and mail to PO Box 465 Richfield, NC 28137


You may contact Catherine Edwards at 704-550-7920 (call/text), Bruce Shankle at 704-694-8686 (call), or Brooke Harward at 704-322-9770 (call/text) if you have any questions. If a producer has tags left over from 2022 you must contact Catherine before using them in 2023.

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