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Buyer Info


Sale sheet will be posted before each sale.


Sale results will be posted after each sale.

March 21, 2024 - Weaned Feeder Calf Sale

Sales start at 7:00 pm eastern time unless otherwise posted.

Bidding is available in the barn or on the conference call. In order to bid on the conference call you must contact the office to receive a buyer number. Office: 704-474-7681

Online bidding is not available for today's sale.

Conference call in number: 1-866-906-9888

Passcode: Call the office for passcode number


Cattle are graded according to sex, weight, frame score & muscling, and color/breed characteristics to create as uniform pens as possible. Pens are sorted into 50-100 lb brackets. An explanation of the grading descriptions is listed below.


• M1 - Medium & large frame with #1 or #1.5 muscling

• M2 - Medium & large frame with #2 muscling

• S - Small frame with #1 muscling


• A (or AH) - Black or BWF and showing predominantly Angus-based genetics

• EX - Black or colored cattle (no pink nose char) showing predominantly continental-based genetics. Red Angus cattle will also be in this category.

• BR - Black or colored cattle showing predominantly eared-type genetics (Brahman, Brangus, Santa Gertrudis, etc)

• SC - Pink-nosed Charolais or spotted Simmental type calves

• OX - Crossbred cattle with off or mixed colors

• H - Hereford based cattle


M5A - M/L frame, #1 muscling, 5-weight steer, blk or bwf, Angus-based

T40EX - M/L frame, #2 muscling, 4-weight heifer, continental-based, could be blk/bwf, red, or ch-x (we will announce colors in the sale)


Weaned Graded Feeder Calf Sales

  • Steers or heifer calves that are at least 400+ lbs. No bulls are allowed.

  • Steers must be properly castrated and healed.

  • Calves must not have horns - either be polled or properly dehorned and healed.

  • Producer must submit a completed and signed "Weaned Sale Health Record Form" on or before sale day.

  • We recommend producers become BQA Certified but is not required at this time. For online certification, click here. For NC info, click here.


  • Cattle must be vaccinated with at least two rounds of the vaccines between 21-90 days before the sale. There must be at least 21 days between each round of vaccine administered.

  • Two doses of a Respiratory Modified-Live Viral (MLV) vaccine for IBR-BVD-P13-BRSV

  • At least one dose of Mannheimia Haemolytica (Pasteurella), can be given with MLV vaccine. Must be given within 70 days of the sale.

  • Two doses of a Clostridial/Blackleg vaccine

  • At least one dose of Haemophilus Somnus, can be given with blackleg vaccine

  • At least one round of parasite control with a recognized dewormer

  • Implants are optional


  • Calves must be weaned for 60+ days. (The March sale will still be 45 days for this year only).

Other conditions

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