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Sale Requirements

All sale requirements are listed below and are also available in the 2024 Producer Guideline document. Remember calves must be CONSIGNED and have a sale ear tag in them prior to bringing them to the sale. View sale consignment and tag request information here.

Make sure all vaccines are given according to BQA guidelines. Vaccines that are not handled properly or given to the calf correctly result in decreased efficacy and can cause problems for both the seller and buyer. If you have questions regarding how to properly give vaccines, contact us or your veterinarian.

Questions? Contact any of the following people.

Marcus Harward at 704-322-0840

Catherine Edwards at 704-550-7920

Bruce Shankle at 704-694-8686

Brooke Harward at 704-322-9770

Weaned Graded Feeder Calf Sale Requirements:

  • Steers or heifer calves that are at least 400+ lbs. No bulls are allowed.

  • Steers must be properly castrated and healed.

  • Calves must not have horns - either be polled or properly dehorned and healed.

  • Producer must submit a completed and signed "Weaned Sale Health Record Form" on or before sale day.

  • We recommend producers become BQA Certified but is not required at this time. For online certification, click here. For NC info, click here.



  • Cattle must be vaccinated with at least two rounds of the vaccines between 21-90 days before the sale. There must be at least 21 days between each round of vaccine administered.

  • Two doses of a Respiratory Modified-Live Viral (MLV) vaccine for IBR-BVD-P13-BRSV

  • At least one dose of Mannheimia Haemolytica (Pasteurella), can be given with MLV vaccine. Must be given within 70 days of the sale.

  • Two doses of a Clostridial/Blackleg vaccine

  • At least one dose of Haemophilus Somnus, can be given with blackleg vaccine

  • At least one round of parasite control with a recognized dewormer

  • Implants are optional



  • Calves must be weaned for 60+ days. 


Other conditions

  • Calves must be tagged with a sale ear tag (yellow tag) at the farm prior to being delivered to the sale. We ask that all other tags including farm tags and fly tags be removed prior to unloading at the barn.

  • Heifers must be guaranteed open. $200/heifer will be charged to producers who have a heifer that comes up to be bred, provided there is appropriate documentation provided by the buyer.

2024 Sale Schedule

2024 Feeder Calf Sale Chart.png
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